Facing my face.

I have such a hate/love relationship with my body, and especially my face.
There are things about it that I love, and then there are parts that I hate (and secretly feel that if they were fixed I would be a stunner).



1. My lazy eye.
2. High cheekbones is nice, but my cheekbone and cheek/chin shape makes it look like someone took a big bite out of my face.
3. The nose bump. And the weird ski-jump nosetip. My profile is TERRIBLE.
4. The bump on my chin. I got knocked by a horse and got a hairline fracture. When it healed it formed extra bone over it. So now I have a permanently uneven stupid chin.
And obviously I hate my acnescars and wrinkles, but not much to do about that.



1. High cheekbones. It is the #1 thing I get compliments for. And they sprout freckles in the summer. (I love freckles)
2. My lips and my labret. Even though my lips are a bit unevenly shaped due to a scar on the inside of my lip that I got when I was assaulted a few years back. (the visible scar is fake).
3. My eyebrows. That is their unplucked shape. In the picture they’re shaded, but the shape is true.
4. My eyes. I used to hate my Gray/Green eyes, but now I love them. Also my pupils are different sizes. A side-effect from a laser surgery when my retina got a teare in it, but it still looks cool.
I also like my pale, blueish skintone. Paired with the sharp angles of my jawline and eyebrows it matches great with black and all kinds of cool pastel colors. And brightly colored hair.

So yeah, very split self-image.

Much like my battle between wanting to be really fit, skinny and deffed, but also wanting to sit on my ass, play videogames and live off hotdogs and peanut crisps…

One thought on “Facing my face.

  1. Nu har man ju oftast sina egna komplex oavsett vad andra tycker om dem, men vill ändå inflika att jag älskar “nose bumps” 😀


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